La Maline

Terre Siciliane IGT

Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah - Merlot

La Maline

The Vineyard

This vineyard, located in the heart of Sicily, produces a bright burst of modern and innovative wines through its artistic excellence and its love of detail.


The grapes are hand-picked in a cool and sunny microclimate and are dried partially on the vine and on straw mats, giving them complexity, flavor and color.

Tasting Notes

Overflowing with complex flavours such as blackberry, plum, espresso, licorice, semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla, this superb wine is rich and delicate. The tannins are both firm and smooth and have a crisp taste, enhancing the most generous red meats. One simply cannot go wrong with this wine — it accompanies Saturday evening’s dinner just as well as Monday’s leftovers.

Wine & Food Pairings

Grilled flank steak, game and aged cheese.

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